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  1. Have Thourghly enjoyed your scripts in the past
  2. New Module Available
  3. Conversion from .PLT to .EPS - Sizing challenge!
  4. Apply Outline - Scale with Image
  5. Color Replecer - not replece white color
  6. color replacer - some ideas
  7. Problem with File Converter CMX->EPS
  8. New macro to clip curves w.r.t. a border
  9. Bounding Guides for CorelDRAW 11
  10. Module Update Available
  11. Color Replacer
  12. Icons
  13. Color Replacer - little bug
  14. Color Replacer can't work if...
  15. Cropmarks script
  16. Spacing Script
  17. Stroke Object Script NOT found in MegaGallery9
  18. Problem with Page Numbering macro
  19. ColorReplacer
  20. problem with script or macro.
  21. Corel 12 Scripts
  22. Objects to Path
  23. Thumbnailer problems
  24. Thumbnailer Issue with EPS files
  25. Color Limit / Posterize - a desired option
  26. An Idea for a handy and easy to make macro
  27. Round Corners - not always working
  28. Suggestion for Color replacer script ...
  29. All Tangent Script Suggestion
  30. File converter suggestion
  31. Little but handy thumbnailer enhancement suggestion
  32. Is there a way to implement CorelDraw macro's in Designer
  33. Great Emboss Macros from a Japanese author
  34. Copy to Adobe Illustrator Macro
  35. Invalid use of Null
  36. Position inch to mm
  37. Curve Effects roughen outstanding
  38. AllTangent problem
  39. Sending document size to printer
  40. ColorReplacer - change pallete.
  41. Flaming Text script, and Image Resizer?
  42. Thumbnailer Update
  43. Thumbnailer - File Order
  44. PLS need ColorSampler for CorelDraw 10 or 12
  45. About Color Replacer
  46. about print merge
  47. Better way to clean up contour nodes?
  48. Starting PhotoPaint From Draw
  49. Draw into Paint doesnt work in v11
  50. EZ Metrics help
  51. Help with Replace Macro
  52. Uniform Resize Feature
  53. disabling macro recording
  54. Corel 11 Macros dont show up???
  55. Font transform
  56. About ColorReplacer pallete change
  57. Fix Object References in macros
  58. script needed
  59. Problem with CopyToIllustrator macro under CorelDRAW X3
  60. [DrawX3] RectangleFixer not working!!!
  61. Need Macro for "Convert Outline to Object"
  62. Ungrouping Text from other Objects
  63. Problem with shortcut key and macro
  64. Selecting All Dimension Lines
  65. Export all pages of CDR to illustrator format
  66. Looking for VBA or Corel Script for cabinet design
  67. Dotted and dashed lines
  68. Scale a group with text frame
  69. Assigning workspace
  70. Recent File Script by Oz
  71. Script request for managing import PDF text
  72. Scaling Script
  73. Can a script "remember" the last view used?
  74. Advance Callout Macro or addon?
  75. Script to help create a score mark.
  76. Problem the Macros with Corel X3
  77. draw a circle with given radius
  78. how to distribute a macro file
  79. create a toolbar/menu for all my macros
  80. macro for break curve and join curve
  81. Using Macros to Export to Gif and/or EPS
  82. Exporting a Macro out of Global
  83. Gold Beveled Text Macro
  84. Display Current Scale
  85. Coverting ALL lines to objects with one click...?
  86. How to merge pictures automatically?
  87. How to color Bullets
  88. Underbase for dark tshirt
  89. CAD Tools
  90. Saving File while auto generating Jpg files
  91. Help with script - cropping bitmap
  92. auto naming exported file to specific path
  93. Corel Label Maker
  94. Macro for create boundary option
  95. Unable to position the text
  96. vba through shell
  97. Constant area macro or VB?
  98. How to write a processing macro?
  99. copy paste macro for illustrator...
  100. A simple Question
  101. Epitrochoid_Curve not right
  102. Question about Macro Installer
  103. create log of print jobs
  104. Converting CMX to CDR (X3)
  105. Data Merge to cdr file
  106. Can Fileconvert save in CDR?
  107. Round Corners Error. Need HELP Please!!
  108. Change brush in Artistic Media Tool
  109. Need VBA Macro
  110. Dimensioning in CorelDRAW
  111. reformatting text
  112. cropmarks
  113. CDGS X3: Print different files via macro
  114. wOxxOm macro problem
  115. Scale Outlines to Image, Ver. 11
  116. Positioning Cross
  117. Text to path macro...
  118. rename pages
  119. Trouble wtih shape names.
  120. Trouble with shape Name #2
  121. Corel Color Managment Macro Needed!
  122. Building CorelDRAW add-in with VStudio2008?
  123. recently moved to x3
  124. Installing Thumbnailer auto cataloger
  125. Cruel Problem with Textframes.....
  126. In Need of VBA Macro to Export Files
  127. another application
  128. Where CorelDrawX3 stores shortcut keys assigned to VB macros?
  129. has anyone ever tried ....macro+dxftool?
  130. publishtopdf overwrite
  131. CopyPerspective
  132. Hide Objects In Corel Rave
  133. Shape Coordinates
  134. Troublesome Macro Save...
  135. replace the bulk of N CorelDRAW 9 of the same characters in the document
  136. X4 not saving my shortcut keys for macros.
  137. Find/Replace Text in Multiple Open Documents
  138. Import text file to create shapes
  139. Quick Correct data file.... Where is it?
  140. 2-colored pattern shape using VBA
  141. Case statement or Instr(phrase)
  142. delete guides corelx4
  143. Macro for Inserting Images
  144. Objects not CMYK
  145. Rotate All Objects in current document
  146. Find Group ungroup it then process and again group
  147. Autopilot
  148. white overprint
  149. Change Font Newbie Help
  150. Macro Reqd For Color Styles
  151. Best practices for commercial apps
  152. Worskspace Selector?
  153. color palette and powerclip
  154. "Create Boundary" function not suitable - is there alternative?
  155. RunMacro in the ActiveDocument
  156. Center a text vertically in VBA Corel Draw
  157. cse DLL problem
  158. Add "selected area" information on active page
  159. What is the CQL method
  160. Create multiple elements in shaperange(faster)
  161. Clone
  162. Executing and accessing CorelDraw12 through C# application (Also posted in Developer)
  163. Select objects within a shape
  164. Quick change outline color and width in corel draw
  165. MsgBox not working :(
  166. Draw lines and arcs from file
  167. Reselect Macro
  168. Multipage PDF import to CorelDRAW
  169. Combine Textrows...
  170. Artistic Media Group Issue
  171. A bug i found recently when use GetPointPositionAt Method
  172. Add object to an existing group WITHOUT destroying it?
  173. Macro to open show/hide SCREEN PRINT toolbar
  174. CDRInfo in X4
  175. Publish to PDF from multiple Documents
  176. Tumbnailer macro
  177. Spacing Control Script
  178. How to select objects, text, graphic et.
  179. Import values from existing excel files to corel
  180. How to select the newly duplicated shape
  181. call a gsm function trougth javascript in docker
  182. Deleting selected shapes
  183. WoXXom - Patch Corel Draw X3 and X4 :: ERROR
  184. Run a program VB.net with Corel X3 and X4 ?
  185. Reading objects colour properties into variables
  186. Translucent Form...
  187. Using repurposing GDG's SaveAs macro
  188. delete text at specific area on all pages?
  189. VSTA Anyone?
  190. Type Missmatch?
  191. Macro for PhotoPaint X4 - Perspective
  192. Command Bar events
  193. customizing CorelDraw Fileconvert Macro
  194. MACRO CHALLENGE - Gravity Callouts
  195. Page Numberer
  196. Should I learn VBA or VSTA?
  197. Simple code problem - Show/Hide in Macro
  198. Convert Paragraph to Artistic - error on blank Paragraph Text Field
  199. Delete all off-page objects
  200. Numbering objects
  201. CurveEffects macros for x5
  202. Convert clone text back to normal text with macro
  203. Export Problem with PNG/Transparency and C# with X5
  204. Activation of the name with L at the beginning
  205. Auto-group shapes
  206. reading text from a Corel Draw page to a Macro
  207. File Converter Issue
  208. Save EM to "continue" in number sequence
  209. Macros for guides & envelope
  210. Corel Photopaint script available from Corel Draw?
  211. Opne PhotoPaint X3 from Corel X5
  212. Thumbnailer will not save numbered sequence?
  213. Copy To Illustrator problem - X5
  214. Macro for individually scaling objects
  215. ListBox table
  216. Importing or moving Ms Docs (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Publisher nd d likes) into core
  217. Print codes in Macro
  218. Macro Mouse selecting area
  219. Can I use the Crop tool in a macro on a shape range?
  220. Cannot rotate a virtual shape with the same precision as a shape
  221. Recorder not working
  222. select all shapes with outline and fill "none"
  223. macro add a page after (exact height and width)currently active page
  224. find out the angle of rotation
  225. copy center rotation properties
  226. X5 on Win7-64
  227. how to use this macro?
  228. duplicate nodes in a shape
  229. help me learn? problem with a form
  230. macro collect for output (fonts)
  231. while a macro is running, select one object
  232. Need a Challenge? I need to create a Merge Document with sequential fields
  233. Condition of entry number(s) in the code?
  234. distribute in pages
  235. Macros for arrangement, numerate and data merge.
  236. cover all content with text
  237. handle arrays
  238. ordered in rows and columns
  239. Converts double spaces to single spaces
  240. Crosspoint to Node
  241. affect only the selected text
  242. replace all the line breaks and other non-printable characters
  243. Macro for selecting paris of objects and grouping them
  244. Corel Supports Unicode & Open type Features but does not show it
  245. Problem in Arabic fort
  246. Order of nodes
  247. Thumbnailer
  248. Eyedropper or get color from a bitmap
  249. curve and contourgroup effect
  250. Incorrect distribution of the arrow on the open curve