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  1. *** Read me first ***
  2. CD11: Adding input from user form to document
  3. Any way to make this faster?
  4. vba starting with vb exe program
  5. Numbering and Printing
  6. Simple Bar code generator
  7. Perimeter help
  8. Printing Raw Prn Files
  9. I think I'm getting better...
  10. Rotate around a centre
  11. Creating new document problems
  12. Storing User Preferences
  13. Reset All Variables
  14. Calling Macro from GlobalMacro
  15. Node Mover
  16. Complicated simplicity? (newbie)
  17. Live Preview like CalendarCreator...
  18. ApplyPatternFill Full Color Bitmaps
  19. A little help
  20. draw 11 export collection to psd
  21. Improvement Desired.
  22. Take a look at this mess
  23. some weird code for my own tiler (functioning good)
  24. FileSystemObject
  25. CCM get profile
  26. Objects in Document
  27. shape-names in listbox
  28. Select Object and VirtualShape
  29. Working With Text
  30. Copy Selected Objects to other pages maintaining layers
  31. Creating lines using angle, dimension and position
  32. CorelDRAW X3 VBA Code - Shape & Color LIster
  33. CD X3 Macro Writing to Excel Spreadsheet
  34. update all external linked bitmaps in entire document
  35. Plot Graphics With Rolan CX-300 Cutter
  36. Convert Numbers to Fractions Code
  37. CorelDRAWX3 activeselection error
  38. Object variable or with block variable not set..
  39. Returning values/variables from functions
  40. Bug with existing selection
  41. Save as CMX 5.0 with GetFileBox
  42. Indesign and vba
  43. Please revise my code
  44. find touching shapes
  45. better way to resort to previous tool after zooming
  46. Quick and easy way to removes empty lines of text
  47. ArtisticText Alignment
  48. Mirror shapes
  49. Save to X3
  50. make symbols with text and objects no fill and no stroke
  51. macro causing annoying warning box
  52. Macro for increasing and decreasing outline widths.
  53. Little toy with sloppy coding