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Changes to XSLT Files for X7

Posted 29-04-2014 at 22:17 by shelbym


In this post we will be looking at the changes in the XSLT files for X7. Please refer to the previous post Using XSLT files instead of VBA that discusses how to use these files to add a docker to the CorelDRAW UI automatically. Once you understand the changes you will be able to add your docker to the CorelDRAW X7 UI automatically.

Goodbye GMS File

Previously we needed a GMS file that we would call to open and close the docker. In CorelDRAW X7 this is no longer needed and is handled directly in the XSLT file. If you are building a web based docker you can still use a GMS file with your code and this works exactly like before. If you are building a .NET docker the GMS file is no longer needed.

UserDraw.xslt has been Renamed

Previously we had a file UserDraw.xslt this file has been renamed to UserUI.xslt. This file added a command button to the end of the dockers menu. In the updated version of this file it also checks to see if the menu item already exists.

Changes to AppUI.xslt

You can now use the AppUI.xslt file to define the command button for the docker to work as a check Button. If the command button is checked the docker opens, if the command button is unchecked the docker closes. This is the change that allows us to no longer need the GMS file.

Check Button not Icon

Previously we could define an icon for our command button. With the button now a check button this currently is no longer possible.


XSLT files allow us to add our docker to the CorelDRAW UI. We have discussed the changes in X7 that make this possible. Remember to review the previous post on how to use these files and replace the Templated sections with your dockers name and GUIDs.
Updated Files are below.

Template XSLT Files for X7

Template dotNet Docker for X7
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  1. Old Comment

    how about custom toolbars?

    Shelby, this is awsome.
    How about toolbars? Are there any tricks to add a new toolbar and a wpf control to it?
    Posted 30-04-2014 at 08:15 by mika mika is offline
  2. Old Comment

    relative path for the dll

    playing with x7 a bit more:
    it looks like the dll path can be relative, but the root level is the CorelDRW.exe location:
    Posted 30-04-2014 at 08:23 by mika mika is offline
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