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Differences between VGCore (17.0) and CorelDRAW (16.4)

Posted 27-03-2014 at 23:33 by shelbym


Continuing with the Object Model changes I have created an HTML document that shows all the changes between VGCore (17.0) and CorelDRAW (16.4). The text was to long to post here so I have linked to a .zip file with the full text.

Object Model Changes

When you open the document in your browser you will see a legend like this:

  • Not changed
  • Added
  • Removed

As you can see anything in blue is new for X7 and anything in Red as been removed. One of the classes that has been removed is CorelScript, do not confuse this with CorelScriptTools they are still available, but the old CorelScript Methods are all removed.

Class CorelScript

  • Function AddArrowPoint(ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal Enabled As Boolean, ByVal Letter As Boolean, ByVal User As Boolean, ByVal Closed As Boolean, ByVal Continuity As Long, ByVal NodeType As Long) As Long
  • Function AddBezierPoint(ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal Constrain As Boolean, ByVal Cusp As Boolean) As Long
  • Function AddEnvelopeEffect(ByVal PresetNumber As Long, ByVal MappingMode As Long, ByVal KeepLines As Boolean) As Long
*see zip file for full list

Here is an example of a method that was added, you can now create a boundary:

Class Shape

  • Function CreateBoundary(ByVal x As Double, ByVal y As Double, [ByVal PlaceOnTop As Boolean=False], [ByVal DeleteSource As Boolean=False]) As Shape


Linked is the full text of all the changes in the Object Model. Have fun coding!

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  1. Old Comment

    default workspace

    Hi, shelbym, thanks you for information.
    So, I have a question, is possibly to override current workspace to default, like in Corel X6, when you press F8 button on application start running?
    I try integrate my Docker from Corel X6 to Corel X7, and in integration experiment, I add my docker to panel repeatedly, and now I want discard all changes.
    In Corel X6, when I fix all bugs, I just override current workspace to default (press F8) , and all was fine.

    But in X7 Corel it's not work, I find Workspace panel, but current workspace is Default already, but I not saved and not set current workspace like default.

    Does this mean, that before experiments, I must create own workspace than have opportunity to backup on default?
    Posted 04-04-2014 at 04:02 by coreldrawer coreldrawer is offline
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