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Kursad 24-01-2006 10:32

X3 slow then 12... why?
X3 features are good but slow then previous version...

I opened same file (xx.cdr) on both versions.
X3 opened that file 1 minute 30 sec.,
12 opened that file 1 minute...

Another slowness on preview. X3 previewing slow then v12...

Alex 24-01-2006 12:08

Don't know about opening files but preview is slower because now the default view mode is "Enhanced with Overprints". Put it back to just "Enhanced" view and it will be pretty much the same as v12.

Kursad 25-01-2006 01:40

No, i try "enhanced view" and RGB mode of color management... But preview still little slower than v12....

Einstein 25-01-2006 06:33

Kursad, X3 is much faster than CD12. I tied this in a Pentium IV 3.2 GHz / 2 Gb RAM and a Pentium II 300 MHz with 128 Mb Ram. In both, is faster, with the same configuration.

Kursad 25-01-2006 07:13

I'm sure X3 slower then 12, for opening files... and same configurations of program... mem usage is %50 both versions etc... But X3 is slower opening files and less slower saving files than old versions.

My computer conf is
AMD 64 3000+ Processor
NF4-SLI-Deluxe mainboard (Asus)
512 z 2 PC 3200 RAM
120 x 2 GB SATA HDD (Raid 0) (Seagate)

wOxxOm 28-01-2006 14:25

DrawX3: 1 minute freezing during New/Open
Now I reinstalled WinXP and it's OK, but:
I had yesterday BIG problem with DrawX3: during creation of a new file (which was accomplished in Draw12 instantly) there is a delay for about 1 minute.
the same thing happens on opening existing file (no matter what it's version: 12/10/13).
The delay occures every time I open/create new
CPU usage during this delay is about 100% on coreldrw.exe
when I tried to check in processExplorer coreldrw.exe occupancy for the time I found :
CRLFOM.dll!WFOMColorLinkManager::<some method name>
and mostly this:

P4-3000,XPsp2en (with all updates), 1GB ram, 10gb+ free disk space on all drives
P.S. I have both Draw12 & DrawX3, but I load only one of them at a time, rebooting PC of course doesn't help.
No viruses, no firewalls. Antivirus monitor is off
maybe I have too many autoupdates from MS ;-) I saw there are patches for MSXML, maybe it's the case...if corel13 utilizes MSXML in a way different from corel12...
Now I reinstalled WinXP and it's OK

wOxxOm 28-01-2006 14:49


Originally Posted by Kursad
No, i try "enhanced view" and RGB mode of color management... But preview still little slower than v12....

I agree, DrawX3 now implements CorelDesigner's way of painting on screen, and on my PC (3GHz 1GB ram) it is scaling view-window with noticeable lag when picture "flaps as courtain on a wind" from top to bottom in fast wave. In Draw12 this wave wasn't noticeable, viewwindow zoomed instantly.
Of course I've chosen "enhanced view" WITHOUT previews in both programs. Color management setting are equal, .cdr-file is the same (very primitive).
maybe DrawX3 is much faster on showing complex designs, don't know...

Kursad 10-10-2007 01:20

Problem fixes with patch.CLOLreadToggle - disable reading of ColorStyles from CDR files to speed-up opening


woxxom thanx a lot you are great man :)

wOxxOm 10-10-2007 02:49

btw, I switch to "Draft" view mode when working with complex graphics quite often - I even assigned easy keyboard hotkeys "1" for Wireframe, "2" for Draft, "3" for Enhanced. The speed of Draft view mode screen redraw is 10-20 (twenty) times faster than in Enhanced view mode

Kursad 11-10-2007 12:44

yes, draft wiev good idea but i didn't solved this problem


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