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runflacruiser 16-10-2012 12:38

Always a lot of spam users logged in.
I see tons of spam users here now. Many are logged in. Maybe delete all users from the database except those who have posted within the last year or so...
The new update of vBullettin is really cool. Lots of goodies like easier image uploads and spam tools.

shelbym 16-10-2012 14:34

Yeah, the SPAM is getting kinda nuts, I try and stay ahead of it.


runflacruiser 16-10-2012 18:56

Not sure if you can but you could put a condition on the register page.

I have one on my forum the makes the user enter a certain string in a text box.

Random Question:
In this sentence: Starting with the first t in the word "Starting" copy all the way until the y in the first word "way". Paste into the answer box. Make sure to include the t and the y.

Without it I get pummeled. But with it only normal users. It works really well.

Another idea from another user:

You could ask a question like: The Pac-Man watch is made by ...... (to find the answer, go here (put a link))

...or something just a little harder like : Copy the 6th, 7th and 8th word in this phrase "GameWatchGuys web site is just too awesome and kicks ass." So people would have to copy/paste "too awesome and".


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