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BEAMA 15-02-2006 22:33

text tool causes app hang Corel Suite 11
Corel Draw 11 SP 1 & 2

XP pro SP2

when inserting text using text tool
You can type within the text box but when finished and clicking outside the text box. corel draw hangs and task manager is needed to close the app session.

Forgot to metion done a repair install as well as complete uninstall reinstall. Made no difference

Thanks in advance

ddonnahoe 16-02-2006 08:22

Do you have any personal customization? Try launching the program with the F8 key and this will reset the app to factory settings. Then try to duplicate the problem. If it goes away, then I would assume (but we know what that does) that there is a customization error causing the app to lock up.

BEAMA 16-02-2006 16:57

f8 startup didnt help
Another source suggest video driver so Ill try update directx and video driver

the text tool works fine in Corel Paint


updating directx and video made no difference

BEAMA 27-02-2006 18:47

the only fix I found and its radical is a complete reinstall of the OS

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