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jahmer 08-07-2008 16:53

Is there a maximum file size for CorelDRAW?
The title of this thread might be a bit misleading, let me explain.

The thread I started yesterday referring to external symbol libraries, has led to another problem. Currently I am trying to put all my content into 3 external symbol libraries, and reference all my production files that use those symbols to the libraries. It helps keep down the amount of changing I have to do when I change symbols in multiple files.

The problem is, however, my file sizes are still a bit "large". It seems that I hit an upper level and then CorelDRAW crashes every time that file opens. On my laptop, with 1.5 gigs of memory (80% allocated to Corel) that threshold is about 7.5 megs. On my desktop, with 4 gigs of memory, its a little over 10 megs.

This is a bit odd, as someone who has worked in photo and video before, I know other programs have no trouble handling large file sizes (upwards of 150megs), so why does Corel crash with such relatively small files? Anyone know of any fixes, or ever seen this before?

I would love to find a way to work it out, as not doing so is quite a problem.

shelbym 08-07-2008 19:09

While in theory I am sure there is a file size limit (most likely limited by the file system of the OS) is sure isn't around 10 meg, I have some files that are several hundred meg with no problems. So it may have something to do with the symbols. What version are you using?


jahmer 09-07-2008 10:38

I am using version x-13, so I would think I would not have a problem, but I still do.

Can you give us a clue on where to go from here, cause we are crashing on 10 meg and 7 meg files, so I would think there has to be a way to make it work.

shelbym 09-07-2008 17:34

My first suggestion is to make sure you have all the patches applied to X3, they are on release SP2, don't recall the build number right now.

Second I would look for a pattern when the crash happens. Are you getting any error messages? Any details might be able to help nail it down.


jahmer 10-07-2008 16:04

Well it seems like this may be a non-issue now. I got so frustrated the other day I decided to download the trial of X4 ad see if the same problems were there.

So far I have not run into any problems at even the larger file sizes on the machine I am currently using, so things look good.

Thanks for the replies, I had upgraded to sp2 earlier in the week thinking it might help and the problem still persisted.

Interestingly enough I did manage to find another problem while I was working. In x3 I am working with many layers. Usually only one at a time though, so when I am working on a layer all others are invisible and non-editable. When I finish I turn the layer I was just on to invisible and on-editable, and turn on the next layer. However, sometimes I forget to turn the next layer back to editable, meaning I can see it because it is visible, but I cannot edit it.

If I have this non-editable layer selected and go to try and put a symbol from my external library into it, I break the program. IT thinks, hangs, and finally errors and must be restarted. In some cases it must be fore-quit through the task manager.

This happens in both x3 and x4. Has anyone else ever noticed this problem?

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