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jfelder 17-09-2009 15:40

Need to Buy Corel Draw v11
We have Corel Draw Graphics Suite v11. The IT dept has lost our CD. If one of our computers dies, we will be down with no backup computers.

Does anyone know where we could purchase Corel Draw v11? or maybe even just Corel Draw 11 without the rest of the Suite?

What if we were to purchase for now one version of CDX4? Would those files be incompatible on the other Corel Draw 11 computers? I would assume so.

Thank You for any feedback.

shelbym 17-09-2009 17:59

I assume you could pick up a copy of CorelDRAW 11 pretty cheap on eBay or craigslist.

As for X4, you can down save the file to version 11 if you like, and I know I have seen a macro that will save the file in whatever version is was created in. Very handy.


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