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design 24-01-2005 14:59

22 page booklet from PageMaker 7 to CorelDRAW 10?
I have a 22 page booklet made in PageMaker that was turned over to me...I use Corel10. I wanted to export it from PM to Corel. I don't hold out much hope... but is it impossible?

I have been using Corel since Corel 2...and have been thinking of taking an Adobe class. I learned as I went and am not easily retrained. :)

Someone said that "...I know some people actually use CorelDraw for multipage docs but, honestly, it's not what it's designed for. It's not a layout program!"

How to get it out from PageMaker 7 to CorelDRAW 10?

shelbym 24-01-2005 17:25

Correct CorelDRAW is not really made for mulipage layouts. I would suggest Ventura for somthing like this:


Best of Luck,


design 24-01-2005 17:45

ouch $699.00
The cost is $699.00 , which is definitley not possible.

Thanks though!

design 24-01-2005 17:51

Found a trial version...


Michael Cervantes 25-01-2005 05:46

You could export each page as EPS in Page Maker, and import into DRAW using the EPS or PS filter if you want to perform some changes.

Another way is to print to a PostScript driver, and import into DRAW using the PS filter.

In both case you need Page Maker to open the file.

Ventura doesn't have a Page Maker converter or filter to import.

Michael Cervantes
MC Design Studio

design 25-01-2005 13:42

Yeah, I didn't see a way to export form PageMaker as an EPS file. It's PageMaker 7.

design 25-01-2005 14:00

Okay, I got it now. Tried eps and ps, Corel balks at opening it. Sheesh!

bbolte 31-01-2005 16:34

how about going to a PDF from Pagemaker and then importing it?

design 01-02-2005 07:22

Yes, I had actually done that already. I'm all set. Thanks for the post!!

Mosh 23-05-2005 04:58

Draw not for layouting? Not exactly
I've done page layouting in Draw. It is possible, though it takes a lot of time certain chores easily accomplished in PM, Quark or InDesign. But on the other hand, it gives you more space for doing things the way you like. It's a matter of patience of available time for the project.

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