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thayne 02-09-2009 15:30

Special square and cube characters for units
In the CorelDRAW VBA help file under Units of Measurement...Supported Query Methods, there is a line that shows how to put square and cube into a unit but I don't quite get what (U+00B2) means. Here is the quote from the file:


Powers of 2 and 3 can be specified by using special characters ² (U+00B2) and ³ (U+00B3) after the unit of measurement, as in the following examples:

{2 mm²} yields 2 sq. mm
{3 in³} yields 3 cubic inches
How do I enter those characters?


thayne 02-09-2009 16:50

Found it....

Hold down ALT and on the keypad type 0178 for ² or 0179 for ³.

Side note: Apparently the 00B2 and 00B3 are the hexidecimal numbers for the ASCII code for superscript 2 and 3. I've just never seen U+ before used to designate hex.


Alex 03-09-2009 15:29

U stands for "Unicode", not Hex.

U+00B2 means a Unicode character with hex code of 00B2, or 178 in decimal.

thayne 08-09-2009 09:20

Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense.

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