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VyperOne 11-12-2015 12:33

CornerTpe Function
From a macro I am trying tot set the corner type of a shape that has 4 nodes
When I set the end caps to round via the macro I get the result seen in image #1.

What I want is what is in image #2.

If I use Corels Outline Pen dialog I can set the corner to round and it results in image #2. I just don't see any properties in the structure to set the corner type.

Image #3 shows the direction of the lines, so the top of the T, left side is a sharp corner.

Is there a function to set the corners of shapes like this? I cannot seem to locate one.


VyperOne 11-12-2015 12:56

Never mind, I figured this out. You set the shape.outline.LineJoin to cdrOutlineLineJoin.cdrOutlineRoundLineJoin to accomplish what I needed.

It only makes sense that something called "Corners" in the dialog box would be called "linejoin" in the code...

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