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dungbtl 16-02-2014 05:26

Jump to layer by Selected Object
Possible to make a small macro to jump to the selected objects layer?

Annoying to go to Object manager and select the layer desired
and go back to screen yada yada yada.

Possible to select an object, press an assigned shortcut key for it
and the next object created or pasted will be in the next layer?

So if im in Layer 1 and I want to goto Layer 3 and I know the object
I will select is in layer 3 I hit the sortcut key and I go from there in layer 3.


Working in X4


knowbodynow 03-03-2014 08:50

Hi, I don't fully get what you ar after. What do you mean by "next layer". Do you want shortcuts to go to particular layers?

HeauxmBru 22-03-2014 16:48

Is this what you were looking for?

You have various shapes on various layers. You want to add a new shape with an old shape on
another layer, but, you are not on that layer. Select the old shape and run this code.


Sub GoToObjectLayer()

    Dim lr As Layer
    Dim d As Document
    Set d = ActiveDocument
    Set lr = d.ActiveShape.Layer
End Sub

You "jump" to the old shape's layer. Now create the new shape.

dungbtl 01-04-2014 12:51

Bru... so basic yet how would I know:rotate:.

thank you.... this is great for my needs.

Forgot about this thread

Yes... i have multiple layers and adding a new object
sometimes brings me to a layer & I get that message
that layer is locked / not visible BS.

I'll assign a shortcut key to it and go from there.


Thanx again

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