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Rolandogail 05-03-2004 09:45

How large is a trace?
Hi, Alex et al, I´m new to this forum. I want to ask to any expert there, how can i get, from Corel Draw 10, how large is a complex trace on a vectorial drawing.
I mean: Suppose you´re drawing a map of a country. The question is: How much wire would I need to sorround all that frontier?
It´s like calculating how much ink will you need for a vectorial drawing.
If anyone know a script or an add on capable of making this, I´ll be grateful.
Thanks in advance from Argentina
Rolando Gail

Alex 05-03-2004 10:43

Re: How large is a trace?

I suspect you need to calculate the length of a curve. If this is the case, then Curve Statistics module of CurveWorks can do this.

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