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SEyrse 18-02-2011 21:06

Get Mouse Pos in Paint
In photo-paint; Image Info gives the X / Y position of the mouse. Same as Draw shows on the lower tool bar. Draw lets one get the mouse position AND read a click plus a key. GetUserClick. Once you have that you can use the mouse to input locations in a macro.
Photo-Paint can use API calls to get the mouse position, then one has to do some convoluted programming to get from Windows position to Paint position. Something that I’m not quite able to do.

So I’m wondering if there is a “hook” or some Photo-Paint script that I’m missing to do this? I’m hoping to come up with a Paste At Mouse for Paint like wOxxOm did for Draw. Also has anyone come up with a correlation between Draw and Paint workspaces. In Draw it is Active Document. Is AppWindow.Active the same thing in PhotoPaint ?

Thanks Steve E.

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