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geekay 17-01-2004 04:23

Curveworks and Fit to Path together
How can I load both together in the same workspace? I can only choose one or the other and then use the VBA menu which is a little inefficient.

Alex 17-01-2004 07:16

Re: Curveworks and Fit to Path together
You can always customize macros in your workspace. It's easier to start with CurveWorks workspace because it has a lot of commands which are already setup by the installer. Then go to Tools>Customization>Commands, select "Macros" from the drop-down list in the Customization dialog and you should see a list of all available macros. Select one from the list, and drag it to a property bar. You can go to the Appearance tab and modify the way the button looks (its caption, icon, etc).

I hope this helps.

geekay 18-01-2004 00:07

That is what I had tried yesterday. I found out that I needed to assign the icons to the macros first. Even with "caption only" it did not work the first time.
BTW - the products are great.

excessiveforce 29-06-2006 06:11

I am having a problem. I have curveworks installed as well as EZ Metrics. My current workspace is Curve Works. I tried the above by going to Macros and dragging the Fit Objects to Path icon to the toolbar. My problem is, it isn't there. Everything installed fine but the macro isn't there. If I set the default workspace to Fit Objects to Path, the icons show up though. What is wrong?

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