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ebu 18-01-2008 16:11

Shaperange to Layer
Hello, I have a little question..

I save the shapes with..

Set sr = ActiveLayer.Shapes.All


Application.ActiveDocument.ActivePage.CreateLayer ("Document")

and would like the shapes put in the layer back..

For i = 1 To sr.Count
Set s = sr(i)
' missig code to put the shapes in the layer back

Have anyone a clue?


P.S. It make sense

wOxxOm 19-01-2008 04:35

shaperange contains only links to actually extisting shapes, so at the moment you delete the layer the SR shaperange array is invalid. You should copy the shapes first, maybe to a temporary layer.

ebu 19-01-2008 04:44

Thanks for this information.:(

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