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Alex 28-11-2005 10:37

New CalendarWizard wishlist
It's about time to update the good old CalendarWizard. I'm sure many people have had some very good use of the current version and have tons of ideas/suggestions about how it can be made even more useful. There were quite a few ideas already expressed in these forums but I decided to create a dedicated thread to spur an active discussion on this.

Please bring forward your ideas/suggestions and let's come up with a kick-butt next version! :)

Also if you have interesting designs of calendars, feel free to send them to me. I might be able to create a standard template based on it and include it with the next CalendarWizard (of course you will be credited for your submission).

Any ideas are welcome.


ddonnahoe 28-11-2005 10:43

My first suggestion would be to add Event styles as well as holidays. I use Calendar wizard to create Sports schedule magnets and it would be helpful to be able to set home and away games to differnet colors or styles sheets.

Also, maybe different holiday styles for local and foriegn holidays as well as anniversaries and brithdays.

gugge.nu 28-11-2005 11:18

Weekly planner designs
Alex wrote (in another thread, but this seems better):

The pictures for events is a great idea! I really like it. Will definitely consider it for the next version. Do you have any example designs of weekly planners? I just want to collect various designs available to come up with some ways of supporting them.
A standard swedish desktop would always have a calendar stand like this, which You can use with different planners like:
two weeks, one week or another

When I suggested pocket agendas, I thought of something like this , this one or this.

best regards


shelbym 28-11-2005 17:02

Some suggestions
First I love the idea of having pictures with the events, this would be a great addition. Here are a couple others I would like to see.

First: the abilty to have things grouped. Like all the numbers of the month to be one group, Names of the days an other, and so on. This would be very usefull when you want to make quick changes, like adding a drop shadow or special formatting.

Second: The ability to fill each day with color, this is usefull if you want to say highlight the week you will be on vacation or out of the office, or maybe powerclip a picture of your kid on his birthday in the cell.

Third: The ability to set an event as a range of dates. Again this is useful for vacation if you are going to be how of the office you could make an event that is Dec 3 - 23, 2005.

Those are the ones off the top of my head, more as I can remember them. Thanks for the GREAT tool, Alex.


Paul McGee 29-12-2005 16:28

Hi Alex...

Would like to see as per my post of a year ago, facility to have the holiday on its proper day (i.e. Saturday or Sunday when it falls rhat way, AND a holiday with NO TEXT when it is also moved to a Monday. (Simpy allowing no text in the description would do it.)

Example for 2006
Sunday January 1, in red and marked as New Year’s Day
Monday January 2 marked in red but with NO description.

PS While you are at it, could you change the ' in Year's to ’ (alt 0146). I get tired of chaniging it in every one of the
"English" language versions I use.

kortshop 30-03-2006 15:25

My suggestions
Hi Alex,

Have been using the Calendar Wizard for a couple of years and it has saved me for a lot of work! We have a webshop solution where you can order your custom calendar, thus printing a lot of different calendars.

Customers upload their images and adds their "events" to be added for birthdays etc.

First wish is to be able to define a template which includes our company logo, copyright etc.

Then being able to browse to the catalog where the images are stored and automatically have them added to the calendar at the correct page (january.jpg -> january page ...) and scale the image to fit inside a rectangle defined in the template. The images should not be stretched.

Importing and adding events from a text file would be very nice too, and a text for each image as well.

We also give the customer a choice to add a frame to each image, and it would be a great feature to apply this to all the images during import.

I will be happy to supply more details if my thougts comes into consideration.

Best regards


Ilsa 27-04-2006 02:50

agenda function ....

I'd like to know if it's possible to create an agenda (for instance 1 week a page or 1 week/double page) with the calendarwizzard plugin.
I've been testing and I could only create an agenda with one day per page.

If not, please add this one to the wish list.


sallybode 27-07-2006 20:55

I love the calendare wizard, what a time saver. One thing I nearly always do on my calendars is to eliminate the extra row that occurs to have all months with the same number of rows. Mostly my customers want larger squares to write in. If this could be an option, it would be terrific.

Alex 28-07-2006 09:48


Originally Posted by sallybode
I love the calendare wizard, what a time saver. One thing I nearly always do on my calendars is to eliminate the extra row that occurs to have all months with the same number of rows. Mostly my customers want larger squares to write in. If this could be an option, it would be terrific.

It is :) Go to "Large: Body" tab of calendar settings and specify the proper option for "Combine Last 2 Weeks"... Unless I misunderstood your suggestion...

GordonG 29-07-2006 23:29

I realise this is fairly impertinent for a first post, but when do you plan on releasing a new version with the suggestions listed above?

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