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xombie 22-07-2005 11:09

Starting PhotoPaint From Draw
Hello All,
when i run this lil snippet, I get presented with an error. It still works though. Anyone know whats going wrong????

Dim myappid As String, returnvalue
mayappid = Shell("C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Graphics 12\Programs\CorelPP.exe", 1)
AppActivate myappid
End Sub

The application and the error pop up at the same time.
Any clues are welcomed.
Thanx, Andy

shelbym 22-07-2005 14:09

Error Message
The error message I got was "variable not defined". That is because you have myappid spelled as mayappid. Fixed that and it works fine.

Also you may want to look here:

This example shows how you can test to see if the application is already running. Might help.



xombie 23-07-2005 20:13

Shelby, thankyou. The link you provided gave me some valuable insight. However, Yes I did make an error in my spelling. Strangely did not affect anything. The AppActivate command seems to be the trouble. It still Gave me an error after I checked spelling. Anyway.... I looked further and found that negating the .....AppActivate myappid..... altogether, seemed to work.
Anyway, Thankyou. again

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