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Craig Tucker 19-10-2015 09:52

PDF Convert to Curves Not Working X7
Hi Everyone,
I am having a strange error with X7 opening PDF files and the convert text to curves is not working. I get the prompt and select convert text to curves, then presented the font dialog (which I shouldn't) then the text gets blown out because I don't have the font installed.

Please see Video: http://screencast.com/t/www7nqORelLS

The PDF file is located here: http://www.instantimpact.com/craig_t...271_155924.pdf

Any help much appreciated.
Thank you!

ddonnahoe 20-10-2015 09:08

Do you have acrobat pro? If so, you can export the file from acrobat to an eps file (make sure not to embed fonts) and import the new eps to Draw.

Craig Tucker 20-10-2015 09:29

The problem is these PDF files are submitted through an API and this automated process picks up the PDF and processes it in c#/X7 with no user intervention.

I am just able to replicate this on the desktop as shown in the video and was wondering if anyone knew what was going on here. We have other machines that have the same installation that do not have this problem using the same file. Very strange.

Thanks for the suggestion though but we are trying to stay away from user intervention.

nic 20-10-2015 09:56

Had a look and it seems that this is a problem with the font substitute being very different than the intended font and the original not having the original font installed.

Can you show a vid of of it working on another machine?

Craig Tucker 20-10-2015 16:31

Hi Nic,
I think you may be onto something. However, I'm not sure how to resolve. Should I install all fonts from machine that works onto the one that does not work?

Here is a video from a machine that works: http://screencast.com/t/4k4sL06B

*Also, I have looked everywhere and I can not find in the object model where to set the option to "Convert Text To Curves" programatically. I've even looked in CreateStructImportOptions.
Anybody know where this setting is located?

Thanks for your help!

nic 20-10-2015 18:29

File is password protected for editing, can open read only.

Craig Tucker 21-10-2015 07:59

This is quite worrisome. It looks like importing PDF's with Text as Curves is not supported in VBA or .NET in any Corel version...


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