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ddonnahoe 07-06-2005 09:48

Registration Marks
Is it possible under CD12 to create your own registration marks that will print on every plate of a separation? I am in screen printing and the small registration marks that Corel uses are of no use to me. They usually just wash right out of the screens.

If I can't change the default set of marks, how do I change the color of marks drawn in the page to registration color to allow them to print on every plate?

Alex 14-06-2005 13:47

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Create your objects for the registration marks and then apply the Registration color to their fills/outlines as needed. To apply a registration color, bring up the color dialog and then select "Registration Color" from the color model list box. See the attached image.

The registration color will be printed on all separation plates.

You might also want to check out the CropMarks macro for creating those marks around selected objects automatically: http://www.oberonplace.com/vba/drawm...cropmarksh.htm

Lev 15-06-2005 16:06

There is a bug in CorelDRAW, that does not allow Registration color to be separated in RIP correctly from composite output, it would not appear on Spot plates. If you use a composite output, then you should create a Custom color named "All" (without quotes) and use it instead of a Registration color (but now it wouldn't be separated to all plates if you use CorelDRAW separation :( ). So you should use the right color for the desired separation method.
PS You can also use duplicates of Registration objects colored with Spot colors and overprint enabled.

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