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waynegrantham 12-09-2012 08:46

Batch Export .cdr to .jpg with Subfolders
Need to export all my .cdr in several hundred folders, out to .jpg with matching file name and -1 -2 for page listings, but I want to keep the same folder structure but put it in a folder Next to my CDR folder.

Artwork CDR/ folder/folder/folder etc/art1-1.cdr
Artwork JPG/ folder/folder/folder etc/art1-1.jpg

I tried the file convert macro, but Have to run this per folder and would be time consuming... plus it is failing after four files.


shelbym 02-10-2012 02:22

Folder Export

Is your .cdr file named: art1-1.cdr and is this a single page? Or are you trying to take art1.cdr and export to art1-1.jpg, art1-2.jpg, art1-3.jpg because the original .cdr file has three pages.

While time consuming, you may still get better results converting folder by folder if you are converting hundreds of files.

I will be happy to help with the code, but it might not be more successful then the file converter as it will do much the same, except to some digging into folders.


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