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Reflection 08-02-2010 16:23

Jigsaw Puzzle Help
I have downloaded the trail Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAWx4. I have been able to cut a puzzle out of wood using my Epilog Lazer. How do you make a puzzle with a colored picture on it and not just a plain piece of wood.

I lazer pictures (not colored) onto anidized aluminun, wood and glass, but a puzzle needs some color.

Sure wish there was a phone number so I could actually talk to someone about this but I can't find one. :confused:

runflacruiser 08-02-2010 23:10

Maybe you can run the same file you used for your laser engraver through a print and cut machine for vinyl. Make a full color vinyl decal that overlays right onto the top of the wooden puzzle.
If you don't have access to that machine you can go to kinkos and get the decal made, and manually cut if needed.

Just an idea...

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