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Booker 15-06-2006 08:08

Page Size List.... !??!?!
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Is it possible to cut this long list down of paper sizes.

Also, is it possible to make my own special sizes and have them listed??

B:D :D K

wOxxOm 15-06-2006 13:38

It is hardcoded in CorelDRAW dlls and though it is possible to delete those strings from DLLs but the list won't be shorter - there'll be just empty space in place of former names.

the only good solution is to write a simple VBA macro that will offer you ALL of your required capabilities

Booker 19-06-2006 12:09


Originally Posted by wOxxOm
It is hardcoded in CorelDRAW... ....there'll be just empty space in place of former names.

Well aint that some poop :D :confused: :D

Okie dokie then

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