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pudo 27-09-2004 12:13

Photo-Paint Scripts
As a novice, I'm sure my problem has a simple solution. Can anyone Help?
When I record a Photo-Paint session the recorded script fails to save the correct image. i.e. when I create a new image from a selection and when that image is the active one, I can save it. The recorded script of my saving it, when rerun, save the original. How can I get it to save the new active image?
Any help desperately appreciated.

Starman* 13-07-2005 11:48

Old post but here's my input for posterity

Recording and re-using a file saving script is usually not a good idea. When the file save command is recorded, it saves the filename of the file being saved (you can see it in the Recorder window). Any re-use of the script saves that file with the original recorded path and filename.

When you save a new image, you have to give it a name. Most people do that using the standard menus! If you are batch processing you can create new filenames as you go, say by incrementing the sequence number with the script pic001, pic002 etc (include the file path too). If you want to manually rename mid-batching for some reason, you can cause the script to bring up a dialog to enter the filename.


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