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noj 11-09-2016 00:23

Help with Error
Just installed CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 on a new machine and transferred a GSM file which I was using on my laptop running X6 across to the required X8 location. In the GSM file I have some code that runs on the SelectionChange event (under CorelDRAW X8 Objects / ThisMacroStorage) which has worked fine in X6 however now when I open a new document in X8 on the new machine and click anywhere on the screen I get Error 13 Type Mismatch which goes yellow at the line:

If FaceMaker.Visible = True Then
FaceMaker is the name of one of the custom forms I created.
It's got me stumped. Any suggestions?

shelbym 03-12-2016 23:21

Custom Form
Is the Custom Form on the X8 Machine?

You can also comment out that line and see if it is the issue.

Another way to make sure what line is cause the problem is to set a break point very early in the code and then step each line with F8.


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