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fungel 23-07-2011 03:13

Font discrepancy with Vista and Xp
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I have Parisian font which displays differently on Vista and Xp.
Which is the correct one and why is it changing?
I have my design computer then one connected to my printers. I proof one with my customers but then when come to print it all looks different!
I am enclosed both the font and a snapshot from both computers.
Is it just this font that changes or do I need to double check every single font and design I do just in case this happens again?
Many thanks,

fungel 15-11-2011 11:00

Bump :)
I was hoping that someone might have some idea as to why this font issue is happening or if it has happened to anyone else?

shelbym 15-11-2011 23:43

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I think your XP machine has a different font with the same name. I installed the Font on both XP and Windows 7 and get the same result.


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