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hotdog10 14-04-2009 02:12

Status Bar display is reduced.[how to display full?]

when creating angle dimensions, the full angle cannot be shown in the status bar.. eg it will show 13... instead of 13.567

i tried to resize status bar but to no avail.. i attached a screenshot for reference.. anyone pls teach me how can i show full info for the status bar items..http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/739/angle.jpg

im using a high res than that(dual monitor setup).. so im quite sure its not because of the resolution. its something like coreldraw actually set a display area for status bar.

i tried setting 'object info\ to new toolbar as well but seems like its the same problem as the toolbar does not allow for for sizing. i need to display the full angle dimensions.. help

shelbym 14-04-2009 17:11

You can re size the items on the status bar by holding down ALT, move slowly across the item and your cursor should change, when it does, click and drag it a bit large.

It does take some playing and can be a little frustrating, but you will get it!


hotdog10 14-04-2009 20:22

wow, shelby.. that was a great tip! i didn't even see it in the help file..

thank you so much !:nerd::nerd:

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