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shelbym 03-07-2005 15:18

Where to begin with CorelDRAW and VBA
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I often get the question, "Where can I find good VBA help and examples for CorelDRAW." I thought I would take a second and post what I have found useful. I use CorelDRAW 12 (now CorelDRAW X3), some of these resources may not be available for lower versions.

1. Try the VBA Macro Recorder, it will record the steps you do to help give you a clue of the commands you need to start with. Tools| Visual Basic| Record

2. From there look the key words up in the CorelDRAW VBA Help file for more examples: draw12vba.chm, you can find it in the "Programs" dir in your Corel Graphics 12 directory. (draw_vba.chm for CorelDRAW X3)

Or you can get it it from the VBA editor. Select View: Object Browser (F2) Type in a key work like Shape, Select on of the results and hit the question Mark. You will then get the help file for this selection. I have attached a couple screen shots to show this.

The help file contains very helpful examples. I think this is the best resource for examples that teach how to use VBA.

3. CorelDraw 12 comes with several helpful PDF files, but by default they are not installed, to get them you need to make sure you install the USER guides. When you do will get the following:

CorelDRAW VBA Object Model.pdf - This is a visual look at the Object Model, very helpful. PP VBA Object Model.pdf - Same as above but for Photo-Paint.
CorelDraw 12 Programming Guide for VBA - dvba_pg.pdf - This PDF is 91 pages of examples and help.

CorelDRAW X3 will install these by default, they have been updated and are getting better with each release in X3 they are called: CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X3 Programming Guide for VBA, CorelDRAW VBA Object Model and CorelPHOTO-PAINT Object Model.

And of course if you can't find it in one of these places you can always post here.

Hope if helps,


norbert_ds 15-03-2007 20:37

Hi Shelby,

This is absolutely great!

Is there a way where this thread can be positioned at the top of all posts always so that a newbie doesn;t need to browse through all threads to find this one?


LeonoCoder 03-04-2007 09:15

Another question: What version of VB to buy???
I work in a designers company, they have corel 11, 12 and X3, i want to make some corel applications, i want to know what to buy?????

I know, to make dll's in corel 11 I need VBA 6.2, in corel 12 and X3 I need VBA 6.3, or for all of them I can use VB.net

Is SDK 6.2 and 6.3 sold alone?, or i have to buy the whole Office package to get it?.

If i buy VB.net, i have to buy the whole package?, or there is a cheaper depelovers version or office version???????????????????????



pd. i was looking an evaluate version of sdk 6.2 and 6.3 to download buy i coudn't find it, is there a place to download it??, maybe not because it's too old !!!

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