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grzjanik 18-09-2013 01:28

Shorter macro name
Hi guys.

How to shorten the name displayed in the popup menu?

Corel 12. :)


Thanks for help.

grzjanik 26-09-2013 12:42

Hi guys.

This should be easy ... :)

A macro title or any macro name ... ???

Is such a thing possible?

Anything ideas?

I have a menu entry that is 56 characters.

Please help.


byteme67 27-02-2014 10:47

Instead of putting it in GlobalMacros, why not create a new GMS file with a short name. And then instead of saying RecordedMacros shorten it to RM or something similar. Leave your Macro name as is so you remember what it was.

grzjanik 04-03-2014 09:12

Macro name
Thank You "byteme67".

This is good idea.
I had not thought about this. :)


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