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Jeff Harrison 05-09-2007 01:51

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hi Os,

That's a great tip! Very clever.

BTW.. check this file... some ordering issues still.

wOxxOm 05-09-2007 15:18

I've dug some math...seems to be ok now.
btw, I may risk stealing your thunder but your mojo should deal with it :-D - how about creating a tutorial in pictures on your blog? It would be very cool and popular imho and I'll link my blog/site macro's entry to it

Jeff Harrison 06-09-2007 00:40

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Hi Os,

I think I'd do a movie instead, then people can see it all and listen to my handsome voice too. :-p

see the attached, I could include it too.

To make it EZ, it should be in a GMS - I have the code in one on my rig, but if you want to provide an "official one" that's cool.

Also, this is the only mojo I know about. :-)

Jeff Harrison 06-09-2007 04:25

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a little pic for Os

ddonnahoe 06-09-2007 08:14

Good one Jeff. Did you use the macro to set up those gradients? Nice lighting effects at the top.


wOxxOm 06-09-2007 10:08

the macro is included in gms: http://woxxom-macros.blogspot.com/20...untain_28.html

Jeff Harrison 06-09-2007 22:00

Yes, gradient was re-built from one of PS's.

Many of Draw's FF's are beyond cheezy, so this is a handy macro...

This image is 100% Draw/PP



Originally Posted by ddonnahoe (Post 10603)
Good one Jeff. Did you use the macro to set up those gradients? Nice lighting effects at the top.


Jeff Harrison 06-09-2007 22:02

OK, thanks OS...

U R a machine. I'd like to review several of your macros, with your blessing. perhaps in a series of videos... Then people can see what they do.



Originally Posted by wOxxOm (Post 10605)

wOxxOm 07-09-2007 08:28

one is enough, isn't it?
edit: can't believe you're serious. If so, then I kiss you or no, bliss, or no, bless you! :-D

Jeff Harrison 07-09-2007 13:32

hi Os,

Ahh, so love is in the air over these macros. ;-)

It's actually faster for me to make the vids than written tuts.

OK, when I have time I'll make the vids and have links to your macros.

I know you have several sites where you have the macros, are you going to have one single place eventually? Or, provide the most "permanent" domain to me for them.

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