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diegoroman17 16-08-2012 10:38

CAM Laser Corel
Hi guys,
I need help. I am develop a CAM embebded in CorelDrawX6. This see the colors in the document and permit assign the power for cut or raster mode. I have develop a prototype in C# that read colors in document and assign a different random power to respective curves and transform this in a Gcode document. I have inserted this C sharp dll with call from VBA macro.

Now my problem and question is if I have that program all the interface in VBA and call my dlls or is posible program all in c sharp. to me can recommend you? and the other question is how I can save the data of power laser in the document for example if I have a line and I assign 30W power I need that if I close the document and I open again this document the 30W power remain assigned. Any idea?

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