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JOMAENGRAVING 17-12-2006 13:50

Any site that shows CorelDraws X3 Clipart
Hello everyone. I was just referred to this site from another Bulletin Board that I subscribe to. Looks like some great information here. I'm looking forward to being a part of this in the future.

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this. Does anyone know for a link that I can send potential customers to so they can view X3 clipart? Right now I find it very cumbersome as customers send me an email with a graphic idea they wish to have, then I send them an email with a couple of attachments of possible graphics and the flow goes back and forth until one is selected. It would be great if customers could go to a page and see what graphics I can offer through X3 - it has tons to offer.

Thank you.

wOxxOm 17-12-2006 17:58

Probable solution is to convert all cliparts (10000 pics) to small jpegs under 10k and make a series of webpages in acdsee and upload everything to your site, then customers will be able to choose from your collection

Michael Cervantes 19-12-2006 05:29


There you could find a free macro named Thumnailer. It will help you to create a manual showing clipart thumnails from your Corel Clipart CD.

In DRAW you can Publish to PDF and send it to your client.


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