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LaffRiot 08-06-2014 11:57

Automating output into x4 script
For laser cutting, we charge by the inch for cutting and area for engraving.
Our engraving files are usually scaled due to size / complexity.

I would like to create a script that prompts for scale, then calls curveworks to output area and perimeter x scale input to each shapes objectdata

Can the you tell me if it is possible to automate curveworks in this way?

LaffRiot 12-06-2014 22:44

Found work arounds
Ty to anyone that may have looked into this. I really like curveworks functions but was able to find some elegant workaround solutions in the macro section.

Alex, if you ever decide to open up the curveworks results I think a lot of people will see the benefit of using it for automating results from large numbers of shapes.

Anyways - great program.

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