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gorgo 19-03-2019 14:27

Insert space then delete space
I need to insert a space between text, then delete it. Is there a macro for this?

knowbodynow 22-04-2019 19:44

What kind of text? Under what circumstances? The following macro works with x6. For selected artistic text if the character spacing is 0 it makes it 200. if the spacing is not 0 then it makes it 0:


Sub ToggleSpacepace()

Dim s As Shape

If ActiveSelection.Shapes.Count = 0 Then

    MsgBox "Please Select some text to process", vbInformation, "Nothing Selected!"
    Exit Sub

End If

For Each s In ActiveSelection.Shapes

    If s.Type = cdrTextShape Then
        If s.text.Story.CharSpacing = 0 Then
        s.text.Story.CharSpacing = 200
        s.text.Story.CharSpacing = 0
        End If
    End If

Next s

End Sub

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