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Plixo 12-12-2013 06:17

Debugging C++, C# etc add-on to CorelDraw X6 64 bits
I faced this issue for long time so I'm sharing the solution I finally found :super:

Problem: CorelDraw include some protection probably to avoid reverse engineering and thus will crash if he detects a debugger is present.

This makes it almost impossible to write C++ DLL or C# WPF.

Solution: Use API Monitor v2 to launch CorelDRAW, ignore Unhandled exception dialogs and attach VisualStudio to CorelDraw ;-)

Full process with picture below:
1) launch CorelDraw with API Monitor using RemoteThread (Extended):

2) Ignore the Exception dialogs, i.e. leave them open, don't click on any buttons, CorelDRAW will continue to launch normally ;-)

3) Attach VisualStudio to CorelDRAW process:

4) You can now fully debug your DLL/WPF, including seen variables, invoking Coreldraw object in watch window etc... :D

Comment: this is for CorelDRAW X6 64 bits but I would guess similar trick should work with other versions

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