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knowbodynow 01-12-2020 15:54

Coreldraw 2020 vba and the objects docker
I tested Coreldraw 2020. One immediate problem I found was that the docker I wrote to access commands to fix issues with syncing the position and status of layers across multiple page documents wouldn't show.

X6 vba has commands to moveAbove and moveBelow so one layer can be moved in the layer stack relative to another. But the obvious commands to move a layer to the top of the stack or the bottom of the stack are missing. Does such an option exist with the command set in 2020. I couldn't find it but thought I would check here. Thanks.

shelbym 06-12-2020 16:57

Coreldraw 2020 vba and the objects docker
Starting with X7 there are changes to the xslt files for custom dockers. You can see my post about it here:

Changes to XSLT Files for X7

That should help getting your docker working.

As far as I know they have not added a to Top or to Bottom for Layers in 2020.


knowbodynow 10-12-2020 09:08

Thanks, Shelby. I'll take a look if I ever upgrade, which is doubtful. X6 has it's issues on X10 but the asking price for 2020 is ridiculous and I can confirm that there is no move to top/bottom for vba layers having gone through Corel Support.

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