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1946out 26-07-2006 15:39

corel photo paint 8
I have been using photo paint 8 for quite some time now (hence the older version). many of my projects involve scanning documents which I then open with photo paint and crop/edit etc.

I can no longer access the rectange tool...the oval and free etc are available but not the rectangle. I have tried the oval...it will crop alright but if I want to adjust brightness etc only the oval section will adjust. If I want to move that selection, only the oval will move and not the whole rectangle area.

can anyone tell me what I can do to remedy this? I use this feature quite a lot. have I worn it out? I don't particularly want to buy a new version just for that once problem.

thanks Lori
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Alex 26-07-2006 22:38

Try starting Photo-Paint with F8 key pressed. This should reset your workspace and restore all your buttons back to where they belong. I hope this helps.

1946out 03-08-2006 15:25

many thanks for your great tip. it worked just great!

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