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ralf@cmax.fr 09-04-2012 09:44

Copy from Adobe Illustrator to CorelDraw X3 (and keeping same position)
Hello from France !
The 'Copy to Adobe Illustrator' marcro for Corel Draw X3 is a very helpfull tool.
The marcro worked so long perfectly with Corel X3 and Illustrator CS3
but since a few days, after having reinstalled all my programms,
copying from Illustrator and pasting to Corel wont keep the same position relative to the page as it used to be.
I cant figure out where the problem comes from. Is it evt. just an adjustment question in CorelDraw ? However, when pasting as eps format the position is correct.

Thanks a lot for your quick help.


nick 11-04-2012 16:23

peut-être te manque t il un patch correctif pour corel X3 ? ou un service pack (SP 2 pour Draw X3 il me semble).

< Hi,
perhaps you missed to download The Service Pack 2 of CorelDraw X3

ralf@cmax.fr 11-04-2012 17:43

Merci beaucoup. C'est vraiment bête que j'avais oublié d'installer le dernier update. Ca marche maintenant. Tu es francais ?

nick 12-04-2012 11:09

En effet francais :D
Penses à mettre ton précédent message en anglais pour que les non-francophones puissent suivre ton post.
Heureux d'avoir pu t'aider.

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