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runflacruiser 23-06-2011 14:25

Text Character Positon
I would like to request a property be added to text characters. Position x, position y, or even getboundingbox.

Any ideas or workarounds for now?
I need a position of a text character in a text range. I would also like a bounding box.

shelbym 17-07-2011 15:27

Agreed this would be very useful. The only work around I can come up with would be to copy each line of text and convert each line of text into individual characters, then you could get a bounding box of each.

It would take a little work, but I think it is doable. :-)


runflacruiser 17-07-2011 15:37

That would be a little memory intensive. Hopefully we can get a few of these requests added to X6.
The bounding box or position property would need an optional boolean parameter to disregard kerning and get value as if it was already converted to curves.

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