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dixlin 13-08-2007 07:35

JPEG to PLT in version 12
Hi..I am very new at using graphics software...please excuse the primitiveness !!
We import logo's in Jpeg format ( using corel 12 )...text is added.
When saving this file as a PLT ( for use in a laser engraving machine )...the file can then be opened in the laser software...but only the text appears...the logo has dissapeared !
The laser engraver only accepts PLT / BMP / DXF / AI files.
1. Can I correct the above procedure somehow ?
2. Can a Jpeg logo be changed to BMP..and still type the text in corel...then save as PLT ?
Thanks heaps in advance

wOxxOm 13-08-2007 07:57

I suppose that your machine accepts only vector curves and lines. So you should "trace" (vectorize) the "raster" bitmap from jpeg in CorelTRACE12 and import the resultant vector file into DRAW.

GuitarCrazyo 28-10-2009 18:59

JPEG to PLT in version 12
When I right click and select "Save image as..." mine says:
file name: Attachment
save as file type: All Files
But it will allow me to save your avatar and sig pic as gifs

Thanks for your quick response.

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