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Rae 12-05-2005 18:44

Calendar Wizard 3 and CD 12
I purchased Calendar Wizard 3 and now have updated CD to 12. Is there anyway I can install 3 into CD12 or do I have to install 10 to be able to use it. It doesn't look like the one that came with it will use all my dates that I have a file for. I liked 3 and it served my purpose just fine so didn't want to upgrade.


Alex 12-05-2005 20:58

The CalendarWizard that comes with CorelDRAW 12 is pretty much the same as v3.0 for CD10 was. If you have your configuration files from CW3.0 and want to use them with CW3.2 which comes with Draw12, you need to do the following:

1. CW3.x stores the languages/page sizes/formatting styles in three INI files located in C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Graphics 10\Draw\GMS folder. The files are:
- cwzLang.ini
- cwzPages.ini
- cwzStyles.ini

2. Copy these three files in the following location so CW3.2 for Draw 12 can access it: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Corel\Graphics12\User Custom Data where UserName is you standard Windows user name.

After you do this, CalendarWizard for Draw 12 should pick them up...

I hope this helps

Rae 13-05-2005 11:08

Calendar Wizard 3 and CD 12
Thanks for the reply and I don't have CD10 installed anymore, but I can install it and copy those files over.. That would be the only way to get those files..


Alex 13-05-2005 12:45

But since you don't have those files already, installing CD10 and CW3 won't make them... I guess you are talking about the custom languages and holidays that you might have created with CD10/CW3, right? If so, then I'm afraid the standard distribution doesn't come bundled with those :) You'll have to create them again CW3.2, or find the files from the previous version on drop them in as I described above...

Or maybe I just misunderstood your problem?

Rae 13-05-2005 15:08

Calendar Wizard 3 and CD 12
I did have those files and did not read your answer carefully enough. Sorry about that. I found the files and put them were you said, and added my saved anniversaries and birthday's, but they do not show up in CD and I see no where to find them. So I will either have to retype the dates in or update the program and I do love your program and may just update..

Thank you for your time and help.


Alex 13-05-2005 15:34

Can you send me your files? I'd take a look and see what the problem is... Use Private Messaging on this board to send me the files, if you don't want to post them here, you send via email to alexv@oberonplace.com

However a word of caution about CalendarWizard 4.1. It is a completely redesigned program which has a ton new features. However as a result of this, it is incompatible with older data files. If you upgrade to CW4.1 you will definitely have to retype your holidays, however having said that, CW4.1 has so much more flexibility, that it could be just worth it anyway...

Rae 14-05-2005 13:17

Alex, I downloaded a trial version of CW and my files work fine in it. If I have to redo my names , no big deal. I have been trying out some of the new features and the one that sold me is that I can use a date for more than one thing. So I have decided to just upgrade. I do really appreciate you help.

Thank You


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