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surajnaikin 20-02-2007 03:42

web design
how to design websites using corel draw?

Michael Cervantes 09-09-2009 08:05

CorelDRAW has some web design capabilities, but it is an illustrator. Photoshop is an image editor, and not a web design application.

You can visit microsoft website, and you will fine there free applications to design website.

delois 21-11-2011 03:51

Corel draw can be very effective tool to create a website. By this software you can create an attractive template and merge it with the website and also we can give the good graphics to the template. It is a HTML generator which is useful to convert what yopu are doing in the HTML.

delois 26-11-2011 00:33

The steps for creating a website in the Corel Draw are as bellow:

1. Create a new worksheet in the Corel Draw.
2. Create a web header with the use of Rectangle Tool. Set the size and arrange it on the top.
3. Give the shape using the shape tool to the rectangle. And fill the colors.
4. Create other menus with different shape tools.
5. Create a web frame and put the design in the web frame.
6. Save the file.

Forumolacabs 30-03-2012 05:39

Mostly for web designing Photoshop is used.If you want to make a web designing
using corel draw then make design with the help of tools and export in photoshop and save in psd format.

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