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Rae 29-12-2003 16:18

Help-Birthdays & Anniversaries
I put in my dates for my family and and it was in the events list, then I generated a calendar and when I went back to do another month, it was gone. How can I add it to the list of Holidays and keep it there? I did save the file to my CD layout/calendar file. Should it be somewhere else?

Also, when I was trying to save the file the first time I totally lost my calendar directory and it is no where. Any idea what happened so I do not do that again.

I really do like this program and it is going to be great doing calendars for my family..

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Alex 30-12-2003 13:40

Re: Help-Birthdays & Anniversaries

You need to save the events to a locale. You either go to existing locale (like "English (US)" and edit the events specified there) or create your own locale. Go to language editor, create a new locale for your language. For example: select "English" and create a new locale named "My Family". Then go to the locale's Event list and add all those family birthdays and anniversaries.

For more information, please read the following pages:



As for your second problem with losing a file while saving, I'm not quite sure I understand the problem. Could you please explain what happened in more details?

Rae 30-12-2003 17:07

Thank you for the hints on bringing up a Family file that I saved and I think I understand it now.

When I lost the directory which contained all my calendar layouts I was trying to save the family file I had created in the calendar. When I went to save I got kicked out of CD and my directory disappeared. I do not know what happened and I search my hard drives for that directory and it was gone. The directory where my Calendar files was called "Corel Draw Layouts" and after I got kicked out of Corel it was just Draw Layouts.

I hope that makes sense to you. I am not saying it was the calendar programs fault, just that it happened.


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