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MASKARA 31-01-2008 21:12

problem with thumbnailer
I got the oberon thumbnailer and I'm using it to make catalogs. But I couldn't make catalogs of some folders. It appeared the "error 53". I don't know if it's because the pictures format, well they're vector pictures. I would be glad if you helped me.

Alex 01-02-2008 10:17

Do you have a few pictures that cause the problem as an example?

MASKARA 03-02-2008 23:59

Thumbnailer problem
I`m not sure if it's some pictures that are causing the problem. When I try to make the catalog it shows the "Run-time error `53`: File not found" and then it has the option to debug. Once I choose that option the following sentence appears in yellow "If (GetAttr(MergeMask(sFolder, colFolders(p) & f)) And vbDirectory) <> 0 Then"
It wasn't only one folder, I had the same problem with many folders.
If some format of pictures can make that problem, please let me know.
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MASKARA 04-02-2008 00:02

Thumbnailer problem
I can send you one of the folders I'm having problems with and you can take a look. There are only 9 pictures in it. That would help me a lot.

wOxxOm 04-02-2008 04:00

may it be the case with some unicode character in the folders names?

MASKARA 07-02-2008 22:17

thumbnailer problem solved
Man, thanks for the help. That was exactly the problem. I looked at the folders I was having problems with and found some characters we use in Portuguese that I guess wasn't being accepted by the program. You saved the day, not only the the day but the week, the month and so on.
Thanks a lot.

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