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ddonnahoe 16-02-2005 15:17

Font Book Creator
I am currently undertaking the project of writing a GMS that creates a font sample book.

If anyone would be interested in using this GMS, let me know and maybe give some suggestions that you would like to see in the macros.

shelbym 17-02-2005 10:15

Have you tried the Print Samples in Font Navigator that comes with CorelDraw. I know my wife has done this, and she seemed pleased with the results. Gave her the sample book she was looking for.


ddonnahoe 17-02-2005 10:50

I've tried using that, but when it comes to Dingbat style fonts, the character map dosen't print large enough to see what the image is per-say. I'm wanting to develop something that can customize the look and feel of the book. I've tried other programs on the market and I'm really not satisfied with any of them. The only major drawback that I see to doing this through Corel and VBA is that you can only use the fonts that are installed on the system. If you want to use other fonts in your collection you will have to install them long enough to make the book. (Unless Alex knows of a way to access uninstalled fonts).

Anyway, I'd eventually like to set this up so that it uses unicode characters for languages other than English. (That's a lot of prgramming down the road...)

I'm hoping that Alex can answer my question about alphabetizing the combobox list results.

Alex 17-02-2005 21:30


Originally Posted by ddonnahoe
(Unless Alex knows of a way to access uninstalled fonts).

It's funny, but I'm working on exactly that! Creating a catalog of uninstalled fonts. Unfortunately it is too difficult to do. You need to use undocumented Windows API (such as GetFontResourceInfo function). The general idea is that once you have a font file (*.TTF or *.PFM/*.PFB), you can install it temporarily using AddFontResource Windows API function. Then through a call to GetFontResourceInfo it's possible to obtain the font family, font weight and other font properties to actually create an instance of the font. Once this is done and the font is selected into a device context, you can use GetFontData to retrieve any additional information such as the full font name, version, copyright information etc.

Then you need to notify CorelDRAW that a new font is installed, so it can pick it up (by sending WM_FONTCHANGE message to its main window). Then create a font sample, convert it to curves, uninstall the font using RemoveFontResource and continue with the next font.

At least that's my idea of doing it. I hope that once I have it finished, I make it public. As you see it's not just something I can give a few line code example of...


I'm hoping that Alex can answer my question about alphabetizing the combobox list results.
Already replied. See here: http://www.oberonplace.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=882

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