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jason91 17-04-2007 09:01

Please Help
why is it then i can export the same cdr file in photopaint12 as a tif and it works in my print software (1gb file)
But in coreldraw12 i export the same cdr as a tif and it states unsupported format, and the file is only (300mb)...Same thing!!!!Same file!!! It should be the same in both paint and draw!! Draw acts like its not changing and exporting it as a bitmap
Oh also if i covert the graphic into a bitmap in draw at 300res it states resulting bitmap may be too large do you want to continue, click yes or continue.....then it states bitmap to large using maximum size??? What is the problem??please corel genius
i'm using windows xp, with the file size is 30 inches by 12 feet into versaworks??

Alex 17-04-2007 12:34

12 feet at 300 dpi? Wow, that is one hell of a file size (12 feet @ 300 dpi = 43,200 pixels). Is that really what you are trying to get?

Anyway, CorelDRAW (and Photo-Paint) has a limit of something like 30,000 pixels for bitmaps. So you can't have more than that...

As for your weird TIFF exporting difference between CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint, I would pay closer attention to the parameters of the image you are exporting. A few things to note:

1. The color model of the image you are exporting. Your software might understand RGB tiffs but not CMYK, make sure that both Photo-Paint and CorelDRAW has RGB color model for export

2. TIFFs can have alpha channels (transparency) which your software might not understand. Make sure "Transparent Background" is not selected in the export dialog

3. TIFFs can have different compression methods. On File>Export dialog, the compression is listed in a drop-down box in the lower right corner of the dialog. Make sure Draw and Photo-Paint use the same settings.

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