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Greeny 13-12-2011 15:42

Get ObjectID?
Hi I have an Existing PhotoPaint Document, with many objects already created.

I can open the document in VBA, but many Corelscript methods require an ObjectID to be passed in.

I can enumerate through the existing layers, but how can i find
the ObjectID for each so i can manipulate them ?
There doesnt seem to be something like a GetObjectID method.

Thanks in advance

shelbym 13-12-2011 16:35

Objects are numbered and identified according to their image order (from back to front): the first object is identified as 0, the second from the back is identified as 1, and so on. The background is considered an object, and because no other object can be placed below the background, it is always identified as 0.


Greeny 13-12-2011 19:29

Object ID
Ok, Thanks for the reply

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