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DebG 22-09-2012 12:57

Problem with X6 Styles?
I have downloaded the trial version of CorelDrawX6 for testing. When I open a document created in X5, most of the styles that were defined are missing. The old Text and Object Docker seems to have been replaced with the Object Styles Docker in X6. This docker shows a few of the styles that were in the X5 document (outline and fill styles), but most are missing.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Do you have to re-define all your styles if you move to X6?

shelbym 02-10-2012 01:57

X6 Styles
I do not use Styles, but I do know that there were a few bugs in the initial release since the style engine in X6 is 100% new, if Update 1 is available for trial I would suggest trying your file again and seeing if you get better results.


DebG 14-10-2012 13:17

X6 Styles
The Trial version is, so it includes the update. So I guess that styles will have to be redefined to use a document created in X5 with X6. Thanks for your reply.

runflacruiser 16-10-2012 13:24

HI Deb.
Try posting your question at the CorelDraw user forums. I know a lot more people there will use the styles.



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