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Hockeyrink 03-02-2013 22:13

Paid dev: CorelDraw to add rulers to images
(Cross-posted from the general "New ideas" forum):

(Original message sent to Brent who does the "Dimension Gator", but is unable to customize is appropriately for us. He suggested I try here!

My company is re-shooting a bunch of images for our website, and we want to put rulers by each image (here's an example)

Presently, our graphics designer is slaving away in Photoshop to make this happen, but I think our CorelX6 should be a way better tool to semi-automate this, and searching for a solution had me trip over your page.

Can you quote a price to modify your Dimension Gator (or something custom) into something that would do the job? I'm thinking:
  1. Insert the graphic at 1:1 scale
  2. Either set 0,0 or a pair of guidelines for lower left
  3. Set an element or another pair of guidelines for upper right
  4. Run macro, which pastes in appropriate scaled ruler (3 or 4 sizes, selected based on maximum dimension to tagged)
  5. Auto-clip & transparency the excess ruler extents by preset amounts
  6. Adjusts a full-extents to a 4:3 aspect ratio, so we can export as a JPG/PSD.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience - the sooner the better for my poor graphic designer!

katruax 11-02-2013 23:45

Actually this could be automated in JavaScript in Photoshop or VBA in PhotoPaint or CorelDRAW...

Feel free to send me an email katruax@tcaexpress.net or give me a call at 712-540-8628.


FaneDuru 23-02-2013 14:48

Would you mind to share the solution (even if Photoshop script...)? Of course after you will be payed...

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